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Penzivity: the quality of a deep, wistfully, or dreamily thoughtful state

the quality of a deep, wistfully, or dreamily thoughtful state

My Art Purchased for New 5-Star International Hotel & Tower, Vancouver

April 30, 2017

Thrilled to announce that *3* of my pieces were selected for the newest 5-star International Hotel & Tower, that recently had it’s grand opening in Vancouver. Although this US hospitality chain has been a controversial subject, I feel this is a big win for local art! I’m grateful that the energy of my work and the intension of my heart can help set the tone in this gorgeous space.


My paintings line the entrance to the Grand Ballroom and the Las Vegas nightclub Drai’s


Marble everywhere

Marble everywhere


‘THE CLEARING’ by Lisa Penz


‘FALLING IN LOVE’ by Lisa Penz

Red Dot Exhibition | Chuck Jones Center

March 24, 2017
  • Property of Warner Bros.©

    Property of Warner Bros.©

  • Bugs Bunny.
    Daffy Duck.
    Elmer Fudd.
    Marvin the Martian.
  • Wile E. Coyote.
  • Road Runner.
  • Do these character names mean anything to you?…
  • It’s hard to believe one artist created all of these famous characters — and more… Chuck Jones was an American animator best known for his work with Warner Bros. Cartoons on the Looney Tunes shorts.


I was asked by wonderful Disney Parks veteran Cammie Dean to participate in an annual exhibition that takes place at Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. I’ll be creating a unique piece for the Red Dot auction exhibition which Opens on Friday, May 5th, 2017. Many incredible artists paint for this show every year and I’m excited my painting will hang on this coveted wall next to theirs!

So… which character should I paint???

Stay tuned!





CASA of Los Angeles 2017 Art Collection

February 24, 2017
'IN YOUR DREAMS' - by Lisa Penz

‘IN YOUR DREAMS’ – by Lisa Penz

News news news! - I’ve been contacted by CASA of Los Angeles to be a part of their 2017 Art Collection! They found me on twitter! On February 25th, my art will be featured, along with some incredible other artists to raise funds to help foster children in the LA area. I just found out that the one and only Shepard Fairey has been added to this awesome art collection as well!

This cause is so important to me. As a young child, my mother was dropped off on the doorsteps of an orphanage; she was frightened, constantly searching for someone to love her—to see her. She still recounts to me the wonderful people (there were few) who went out of their way to make her feel special. One night, as she describes it, a lady came to her and said “When the other kids are in bed, I’ll take you to see Peter Pan at the cinemas”. My mother had never been to a movie theatre before; she will never forget the kindness of this woman and the magic of Disney. Children need to feel special - to feel important and grow up that way. The CASA organization makes this happen.

I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful event. Thank you for your support. If you are interested to learn more, please visit CASA Art 2017

Also visit the incredible folks at Paddle8 to check out other artists

To learn more about this wonderful association, visit them here



My first political art piece

February 15, 2017

NOT A TRUMP PIE, by Lisa Penz, 24×24 Inches, Acrylic on Canvas (with iridescence).

The glitzy lure of the American dream is so hypnotic — image associations are strong even in the mind’s of non-Americans, like myself. I can’t resist the American flag… the stars, the red… and now it’s glitterfied in my signature way, through America’s favourite dessert—pie!

Entertainment is arguably the US’s greatest export and the political President Trump storm is no exception. Sad! This piece is not about Trump specifically though, or Ivanka (which I initially wanted after Nordstrom dropped her line) but it is more about systematic causation— the complexities of illusion in entertainment, and how America is consuming itself from the inside out.

‘NOT A TRUMP PIE’ is exhibited in Aphrodite in Kits until the end of the month. If you go and see it, take a pic. It looks different on everyone’s phone and during various times of the day.

—Process on how I did the stars, below—


STARS: Instead of painting the stars I wanted the shape of the stars to be recessed into the background for a more specialized look. The first step was painting the background white (4 layers White Gesso). I then bought foam stars from Michaels because they are thick enough for the recess. I measured and taped the area perfectly to get a clean edge. The foam stars were arbitrarily applied and I mixed a custom bronze colour using: Golden bronze, gold and white gesso—covering the entire area (2 coats). Before the second coat could dry, I applied the extra fine copper iridescence (tons of it) and went out…


…came back hours later and carefully peeled back each star! It was tricky and took finesse but the results were worth it because if you see the painting up-close, you can see the layers of paint before the recessed star-shape.


Broken stars.



NOT A TRUMP PIE, by Lisa Penz, 24×24 Inches, Acrylic on Canvas (with iridescence).

Solo show Opens at Aphrodite

February 5, 2017

My first solo show of 2017 Opens today at Aphrodite in Kitsilano! I’m adding some Vegas-style glitz and vibrancy to the West side of Vancouver — so come and check it out until March 05 2017.

Lisa Penz solo show
February 05 – March 05 2017

Address3605 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Hours: 9AM–9PM

Phone(604) 733-8308


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

These paintings needed to be photographed in the dark so the *sparkle* work could be visible in a picture. Although these pieces are very light-sensitive and need to be handled with care when photographing, they are very versatile in-person.


‘You’ by Lisa Penz 20×24″, Acrylic on Canvas



‘Whistler Backcountry’ 36×18″, Acrylic on Canvas


December 8, 2016

PRECIOUS ELEMENTS – my solo exhibition on Friday, December 2nd was phenomenal! I cannot believe over 200 people attended, braving the rain storms and freezing cold in Vancouver!

I couldn’t have imagined a more magical evening–the flower bouquets, signature cocktails, custom lighting effects on the walls ALL matched the color palette of my new paintings! Walking into the space was surreal for me; it was like walking into my mind. I’ve never experienced such an immersive art presentation, so personal to the artist.

I don’t know how to express my gratitude to everyone involved, all those who made this night unforgettable for me. I haven’t had a solo exhibition in Vancouver in a few years as my focus has been geared towards the US and Middle East—so it was an incredible feeling to have an overwhelming response in my own home town.

If you couldn’t attend, please enjoy the photos below. My solo show will be up until January 02 2016. If you would like a private viewing of PRECIOUS ELEMENTS, please contact District Main: (604) 738-6246 or email


Michael_LisaPenzThank you speech


Anthony Redpath
Lisa Penz with photographer Anthony Redpath


Giant floral arrangement created to match my paintings! Design: by Gillian Girls Boutique


Bartender Todd – mixing up signature blue Frozen cocktails, that match my paintings! Deliciously sweet like blue cotton candy.


Fantastic energy in this space!

Lynee_Lee_LRWith my Publicist for Asia, Lynne Lee, Hong Kong


Michael Gunion

The Risky Heart Wins_LisaPenz

The Risky Heart Wins – 20×24 Inches –the most colorful piece in the PRECIOUS ELEMENTS Collection.


So great to see my favourite collectors during the Christmas season!


DJ_montanaDJ Montana Heaven playing the songs I listened to while painting my new Collection PRECIOUS ELEMENTS.


Kelle Smith says “Welcome to PRECIOUS ELEMENTS, solo show!”


Our wonderful Mixologists had line-ups all night but kept smiling :)

Richard Meen Lisa Penz

Richard Meen and Lisa Penz in front of ‘Whistler Backcountry’




Ryan Alexander McDonald

Lisa Penz with Ryan Alexander McDonald of Chicknskratch Film and TV Productions 




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