Lisa Penz Art


Having spent the first 10 years of her creative career in Graphic Design, Lisa has an innate emotional and analytical relationship with color, which is always the star of her paintings. Lisa is deeply interested in how color effects you and this alone has motivated the transformation of her unique style— from Figurative to Abstract, it’s about what moves you.

The magic Lisa creates on the canvas can be attributed to her affinity with balance, as her paintings reach what she calls a “Bliss Point” when the vibrance of her color choices unite with the power of the unassuming. Often through Pop Culture sensibilities and Animation themes, Lisa’s electric works serve to illuminate you from the inside out so you may realize your forgotten desires of adolescence to awaken your own true north.

Lisa’s fantastical works are largely inspired by her childhood memories of Disneyland. “A trip to the Magic Kingdom feels so personalized, even though you may be surrounded by hundreds of people; you can innately recognize yourself in all of that magic. Ultimately, I want to remind you who you are though my art and leave you in a state of awe.”

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