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My first political art piece

February 15, 2017

NOT A TRUMP PIE, by Lisa Penz, 24×24 Inches, Acrylic on Canvas (with iridescence).

The glitzy lure of the American dream is so hypnotic — image associations are strong even in the mind’s of non-Americans, like myself. I can’t resist the American flag… the stars, the red… and now it’s glitterfied in my signature way, through America’s favourite dessert—pie!

Entertainment is arguably the US’s greatest export and the political President Trump storm is no exception. Sad! This piece is not about Trump specifically though, or Ivanka (which I initially wanted after Nordstrom dropped her line) but it is more about systematic causation— the complexities of illusion in entertainment, and how America is consuming itself from the inside out.

‘NOT A TRUMP PIE’ is exhibited in Aphrodite in Kits until the end of the month. If you go and see it, take a pic. It looks different on everyone’s phone and during various times of the day.

—Process on how I did the stars, below—


STARS: Instead of painting the stars I wanted the shape of the stars to be recessed into the background for a more specialized look. The first step was painting the background white (4 layers White Gesso). I then bought foam stars from Michaels because they are thick enough for the recess. I measured and taped the area perfectly to get a clean edge. The foam stars were arbitrarily applied and I mixed a custom bronze colour using: Golden bronze, gold and white gesso—covering the entire area (2 coats). Before the second coat could dry, I applied the extra fine copper iridescence (tons of it) and went out…


…came back hours later and carefully peeled back each star! It was tricky and took finesse but the results were worth it because if you see the painting up-close, you can see the layers of paint before the recessed star-shape.


Broken stars.



NOT A TRUMP PIE, by Lisa Penz, 24×24 Inches, Acrylic on Canvas (with iridescence).

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