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I’m Painting in the Vancouver Fringe Festival 2016!

September 4, 2016

My first WTT performance piece based on the stories of 2 people in a test audience.

Hello everyone! Long time no-post! I’ve been overwhelmed this summer getting ready for the Vancouver Fringe Festival where I was invited by ARC Works Productions to represent Vancouver as a showcased Fine Artist in new, immersive show: Walk the Talk !!!

Do you know those cool, interactive, “weird” theatre shows that are popping up everywhere in the NYC theatre scene???… Walk the Talk is much like that…crossing the lines of performer-to-audience in hopes of a real, human connection. Actually… not in “hopes”… we demand it.

I’ll be performing alongside select artists including international talent such as conductor/composer Akira Toda (Japan), actor Zachary Ibrahim (Singapore), musical theatre artist Diana Kaarina (New York), choreographer/dancer Miho Suzuki (Japan), and actor/singer Yukari Komatsu (Japan), where I will create 18 paintings in 6 performances based on real heart-to-heart conversations that “strangers” feel comfortable enough to share with me. I admit, I don’t like doing Live painting because it’s never a true representation of my work– but I couldn’t say no to this rare gig… a chance for me to get over myself and my own standards of perfection to create the perfect painting >> It’s not about a typical beautiful *Lisa Penz* painting… it’s about shared energy, information from an authentic conversation… and it’s a gift for me to be in the position of leadership where strangers will trust me enough to share their vulnerabilities.

Performances over the Fringe will be: Sept. 8th-18th, nightly from 7pm

My dates: My performances will by limited to 5 evenings only (with a max. of 6-8 audience guests per show). Sept 5th (Preview), 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 16th.

Venue: Lagoon in Granville Island (beside Cat’s Social House)

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It is a soft suggestion that friends, family members (SO), be split up in different groups to encourage a more authentic share without fear of being judged. So if you happen to know me… I understand… it might be all the more challenging!

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  1. kimberly says:

    Sounds very exciting and different.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you for your comment. We had a wonderful Preview show last night where audience members discovered something new about themselves. :)

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