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June 4, 2016

Over the past few months I’ve been working with Farmboy Fine Arts to create an impactful abstract Collection that will cater to their international 5-star hotel & resort clientele.

If a city or country could be defined by a colour palette – what would that look like? Feel like? This is my challenge. And my excitement.

Explore with me the colours and energy below. —These are my first 4 in this Collection— Feel free to comment. I welcome your stories of your most cherished cities and the magic they hold for YOU.

**Originals are available for purchase:


2.LA Natural_acrylic_canvas_24x18_detail

‘LA NATURAL’ by Lisa Penz

The green in this painting is all about what I call “celebrity sustainability”… Themes of sustainability are very popular amongst celebrities and it’s become such an interesting culture of LA now… the turning of the tide so to speak from the gang-ridden LA of the 1980′s and 90′s. I find LA is synonymous with *hot* pink.. Again, back to the 1980′s —visual memories from my childhood—I associate this pink thing with all the print ads for California tourism. Oh, and the neutral background with the airy feel here represents the spaces in-between these conflicting cultural landscapes.

‘LA NATURAL’ by Lisa Penz



1. Dubai Flash

‘DUBAI FLASH’ by Lisa Penz

Spread out on the horizon like a brooding futuristic cityscape in an intensely sinister video game, there is a mysterious pageantry about the place I can’t help but be drawn to. The deep purple palette of this painting represent the royal flavour of Dubai, while the gold is the flashing of undeniable culture of wealth. Have you been to Dubai?

Dubai Flash_02_LR

‘DUBAI FLASH’ by Lisa Penz, (click to enlarge)



‘YOU’VE CONVINCED ME, MIAMI’, by Lisa Penz, (click to enlarge)

Vibrancy and energetic brush strokes were instrumental in depicting the profile of “Miami”. Unapologetically in your face is the nature of Miami and this work. It has a persuasiveness about it — that is hard to resist; the colours collide together but in a harmonious organized chaos— that’s Miami.



‘HIGH IN TOKYO’ by Lisa Penz

The first time I visited Tokyo I was 16 years old. I remember describing Japan —saying “it feels like I’ve landed on another planet — or if it’s Earth, then we’ve been flipped upside-down”. In this painting I’ve explored child-like colours that represent play and wonder… I chose to depict the otherworldly innocence that Japan likes to portray that acts like a pretty little veil for basic human desire


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