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5 Day Painting Challenge – Day 4 (almost there!)

March 12, 2015

Day 4! Thanks for staying with me! Almost rounding the curve of the home stretch now. Just to clarify, there are no rules for this challenge really except I must paint 3 pieces per day in 5 consecutive days.

I’ve noticed that my brush strokes are more fluid now and the blending of multiple colours (more than 2) comes easier and is looking beautiful! The trouble artists can get into while blending multiple colours is that if colours are mixed together too quickly or when they are too wet then they can turn muddy. And no one wants a muddy painting! It seems it has taken me years to perfect this colour blending to my standard!

Looking forward to making larger-scale works with these techniques below.

Remember, if you see anything you like, each of these small pieces are $50 each. Email:









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