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New Princess Sketches !

February 20, 2015

I’ve been sketching a lot recently! I had actually ditched sketching altogether in the past few years as I’d wanted to be a master painter (within my own style) and sketching seemed so tedious and small format. The thing is though that I don’t remember painting much throughout my childhood but I do remember sketching every day – - I even have a permanent bump on my middle finger from holding the pencil too tight as a child.

Getting back to sketching has been an interesting process though and I noticed I experienced the same childlike excitement of making a perfect, expressive line and also feeling slightly anxious when an alternate shape didn’t work out…

Either way, I’m a little bit in love with these Disney Princess-inspired sketches I’ve completed! This one directly below is an inspired version of the ‘old school’ Sleeping Beauty, holding a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal from Disneyland. Do you recognize the facial features of this Princess Aurora??? She is actually Holly Madison—one of the biggest Disneyland fans of them all!

Holly Madison as Princess Aurora in Disneyland

Holly Madison as Princess Aurora in Disneyland – by Lisa Penz

I also had the urge to create a ‘Tangled’ piece badly. Just like Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Disney’s ‘Rapunzel’ was designed and developed by the masterful Glen Keane. So this sketch is close to my heart as I wanted to channel Mr. Keane and his intension.

In this sketch, Rapunzel is with her chameleon sidekick ‘Pascal’ and all of that golden hair was just too tempting and luscious not to add another Disney creature… Bambi was the perfect fit to complete the tone of this sketch!

Rapunzel by Lisa Penz

Rapunzel by Lisa Penz

What other Disney Princesses or references would you like to see me create??? While I’m now headed into the world of Abstract painting for a while (stay tuned for exciting announcements!), Disney fairy tales will never be too far from my mind….

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