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The Diamond in the Rough

January 3, 2015

It’s 2015!!! HNY!

2014 was such an incredible year for me… I learned so much about myself, others, my artwork, myself…

Thank you for your support and love! Well, I didn’t want to hold back this magical, new painting so I’m posting it right away to kick off 2015! If you grew up on Disney Modern Classics like I did, then I hope this scene of the ‘Cave of Wonders’ from Aladdin resonates with you as much as it did for me.

It’s really fun going back to this scene (as an adult) to reconcile with how meaningful it truly is. Through abstract painting, along with a touch of animation, I’ve re-created the moment Aladdin enters the Cave of Wonders. I wanted you, the audience to be immersed in the beauty of it all and the expansiveness of the cave. That was a lot of blue!

Aladdin is so small but he is tasked with an enormous mission to retrieve the Lamp. I love how his transformation starts as something outside of himself. He doesn’t see it’s value yet, and the importance of his involvement. Yeah… let that sit with you…

I’m really excited speculating which way my art will go this year. I know one thing for sure—I will continue striving to elevate the art experience with beauty through emotion. Thanks for coming along on my ride!





Carpet was a late edition to this piece. I actually wanted Aladdin to be alone. Carpet was a way for me to bring in some deep reds to contrast with all that blue, while lightening up the sober tone.





It’s microscopic, but it’s there! The Lamp.


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