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Robin Williams as Genie – tribute

August 28, 2014

I’ve been working on a very special commemorative painting of Robin Williams. My portrait of Robin is now complete! I will always see him as the ‘Genie’ in Aladdin, so here he is in ‘A PLACE LIKE HEAVEN’ 24×30″, Acrylic on Canvas !….


I initially wanted to paint him ALONE on the canvas. I made a number of different sketches of him flying solo in various compositions and it felt, well, sad. I didn’t think that Genie should be alone so I decided to incorporate Olaf, from Frozen into he painting. This made it more interesting to me. I thought they would make a wonderful pairing. Both of these Disney characters are so precious separately, so I wondered what the reaction would be like if they were featured together in a dialogue of sorts— ‘Genie’ being the from the Classic Modern era of Disney and ‘Olaf’ from the Modern Modern!


So, why are they together in this luscious scene of lilac snow? Did Olaf rub the lamp?

I have my own answers but I would like to leave it up to your own interpretation because after all you have your own memories of the Genie from Aladdin and Robin Williams.

Post your thoughts!! Would love to read your comments : )

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