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Colour Dream

July 28, 2014

Nuut with Colour Dream

They say you don’t’ dream in colour, but who are “they” anyway?!

My dreams are full of vivid colour where I’m transported to different worlds — sometimes I visit tropical beaches shimmering like gemstones while other times I find myself in dark and sinister caverning spaces, adorned in deep greens and blues. I definitely dream in colour.

Part of the challenge and part of the fun of being commissioned to do custom work is how to make a room come to life with my artwork. Sometimes it’s my job to help enhance a room with art and sometimes it’s my job to define a room with a strong presence. This lavender painting was a really fun piece to make; the buyer was looking for simplicity and a dash of colour, expressive enough to change the energy of the room. “Subtle femininity with edge— without being too Princess-y” was some of the direction that was given. I can work with that! : )

The beauty of this piece lies in it’s simplicity, although the specific colour of lavender was complex to mix. I love creating my own colours and shades. Yes, you can purchase a tube of GOLDEN purple but it’s just not the same and half the fun for me is mixing my own for the perfect shade!

Loft furnishing Vancouver Lisa penz art

I love collaborating with Collectors so that everyone can be apart of the creative process to develop a piece that they can cherish for years.

Are you looking for something custom to fill an empty wall in your home or perhaps you are looking to bring in a positive energy into your space? Email me for a chat:

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