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July 18, 2014

Hey guys!

Check out my latest Disney-interpretative work! I have taken a slight hiatus from painting Princesses — but the magic is still there in these new fun pieces.

These works were created with a “home decor” feel in mind so adults will love the sophisticated abstract approach (in the background) and kids can enjoy the animated aspect occurring in the foreground. In a nutshell — these paintings are suitable for anyone who wants a little magic in their life and home!

‘FINDING DORY’ | 20×20″ Acrylic on Canvas.
This piece was inspired by my diving days in Australia. I love coral and the way the water changes colour depending on how the light from above touches it. ‘Finding Dory’ was first painted upside-down as I wanted the reverse drip effect and the coral in the background to appear in a pyramid shape within the square canvas.

dory lisa penz blog

‘Finding Dory’ an original hand-painted work by Lisa Penz


Warm_Hugs_ olaf minion lisa penz

‘Warm Hugs’ an original hand-painted work by Lisa Penz

‘WARM HUGS’ | 30×15″ Acrylic on Canvas with iridescent silver dust.

It’s summertime, so it’s only natural I’m inspired to paint Olaf, right?!!! In ‘Warm Hugs’, Olaf is embraced by a Minion! What an unlikely duo. I’ve been asked to do a Minion painting for a while now so it wouldn’t be the same without Olaf! This piece was created by mixing Acrylics with iridescent silver dust (applied by palette knife) to give it an authentic “Frozen” look and feel. Can you imagine how amazing this painting would be above a couch, work desk or a bed??? It has that lovely landscape quality.

If you would like to see these one-of-a-kind paintings: ‘WARM HUGS’ or ‘FINDING DORY’ in your home, please email:

Warm_Hugs_on Wall Minion olaf Lisa Penz

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