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Fantasyland comes to the Four Seasons Hotel

June 17, 2014
Photo by: Karolina Turek

Photo by: Karolina Turek

I’m so excited to reveal my new Disney interpretive artwork for the first time in public! From June 20th-25th I will be Artist-in-Residence at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver!

I’ve been working on these magical pieces for over a year and I hope to bring a unique and distinctive flavour to your favourite Disney characters through my solo exhibition Fantasyland! I’ll also be painting live, so please “Like” my facebook page and Follow me on twitter to stay up-to-date with date and times I’ll be in attendance.

Now, about this collection…

I found myself constantly going back re-creating the Disney Princess because I’m fixated with deconstructing the character journey of self. I’ve recently been exploring the relationship Aurora (aka Briar Rose, aka Sleeping Beauty) has with Maleficent. My work celebrates the emotional duality of havoc and order that exists in my art and life. Princess Aurora cannot exist without Maleficent. It’s a concept of balance and Aurora is also not as beautiful without the harsh wickedness of Maleficent. Balance of light and dark are the reoccurring themes that are present in all of my work.

I like to refer to some of these new pieces as ‘The New Dark’ because these works explore deeper themes of relationship issues of co-dependence. ‘The New Dark’ is concealed in the light — which may be the most treacherous kind of trickery because of it’s seeming innocent. My piece Maleficent Descending is about embracing the darkness. Not evil per se but accepting yourself completely — even the beastly parts!

lisa penz art sleeping beauty

The fine balance between structure and play is what gives my female portrait work a defining tone. I’ve mixed my own delicate pastel colours to anchor these Sleeping Beauty/ Maleficent works — light lilac, muted lime green. Sometimes colour can transcend a piece and really pull the themes together so it was really important that I develop the perfect shades to tell these stories!

china girl oz great and powerful lisa penz

In essence, these exciting new works are about experiencing Fantasy on a deeper level —or a 3D level, if you will. Hope to see you at the Four Seasons!

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