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May 24, 2014

The truth is, some of my favourite sketches I’ll never be able to sell.


This is because I create many of my best sketches randomly at Starbucks on Starbucks napkins. The reason I don’t carry a sketch book around with me is because that is just too scary for me. I have gotten over the fear of standing in front of a blank canvas. That fear has been replaced with excitement.

But — a sketch book with blank pages… terrifying! I feel much more comfortable with the notion of sketching on a recyclable napkin and having the freedom of tossing it if it doesn’t please me. I also love the unplanned spontaneity of it all… Creating something unique from random instruments…


Here is my most recent sketch. Exquisiteness (is that a word?) on a Starbucks napkin! With the right frame, this could actually be a gorgeous finished piece for the home!

sketch lisa penz

The longer I look at this sketch, the more it reminds me of reverse Vanilla Temptation from my Indulgence collection!


I’ve also been secretly working on abstract art for an upcoming collection! I love creating both figurative and abstract work and for this reason I catch myself making figurative illustrations when I’m not in the studio.

My heart is split between the figurative and abstract world! What’s a girl to do?!


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  1. Kim Mosteiro says:


    I only just a couple of years ago started exploring my artistic side. I like you found carrying an art pad intimidating for many reasons. I was a bookkeeper for over 20 years & worked in an office; I am in the habit of writing notes, phone no’s, etc., on scrap paper. One day I found myself drawing a sketch of a bike rider on a scrap piece of paper, and like you found I could do better and enjoyed it more, to the being able to toss it if I wanted to. And then I found a way to use them, scan them into my computer & use them as is or modify them to fit whatever project I was working on. Your portraits are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing more of your work, you have been an inspiration to me that I can not worry about that traditional sketch pad and still create great art!!

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for your comment!

      It’s great that you like to work with scrap paper also. Scrap paper has changed my life. I also write my to-do lists on scrap paper. I have all of the gadgets (iPhone/iPad etc.) and apps but they just don’t resonate with me as much as a separate piece of paper.

      Appreciate the wonderful words about my artwork – thank you. I have a lot more coming too… getting ready for my Four Seasons exhibition & residency in late June. Stay tuned!

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