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Watercolour Painting of Karolina Turek

May 21, 2014

Karolina turek

I’m still buzzing from my photoshoot with Karolina Turek that I was inspired to create a custom portrait painting of her! I don’t do this every day but I was really grateful for all of the time and care Karolina took with me during my shoot!

This painting is mainly watercolour, archival ink pen and acrylic paint on acid free paper. I think it looks like her! I decided to make her hair multi-coloured to show off her vibrant personality. The wild roses reflect her tattoos and the blue horse is symbolic of Karolina’s story as well.

The focus of the majority of my portraits surround beautiful characters who overcome difficult trials— and this piece of Karolina is no exception…

So, what would your portrait look like?

lisa penz watercolour



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