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Sketching Sleeping Beauty

April 27, 2014

Sleeping Beauty 02 Lisa Penz

I’ve been working on a new sub-Collection featuring Sleeping Beauty (aka Aurora, aka Briar Rose) so I wanted to share this sketch!

I am forever fascinated by the Disney Princesses because story is at the heart of everything I create (even if a work of mine has nothing to do with Disney). The love of story is always there and to me, Disney is the ultimate story teller.

In this illustration I enjoyed combining solid line work with softer shading to give it a dynamic feel. I love the clean lines that Aurora was originally composed of in 1959. That hair!

Sleeping Beauty 01 Lisa Penz

Sleeping Beauty was drawn on 100% Recycled Acid-free Paper | 11×14 Inches | HB 2 Pencil

This drawing is not for sale yet.

Sleeping Beauty 04 Lisa Penz


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