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December contest! Win a Painting!

December 2, 2013

snow queen lisa penz

Happy December! It’s time to spread joy and get generous. I’m excited to announce my Christmas contest!

I am giving away a brand new painting!

My ‘Snow Queen’ is inspired by the new Disney movie FROZEN. Believe in the hype because this movie was incredible! It was probably the most stunning movie I’ve ever seen. The colours, original songs (by Bobby Lopez of Avenue Q fame!), character journeys were spectacular and it’s timeless magic could possibly turn it into a classic. It’s only natural that I try to recreate that magic myself through painting…

To be entered in the contest, all you have to do is go to my facebook fan page: Lisa Penz Artworks and “Share” the image of the ‘Snow Queen’ which you will see if you scroll down on the fan page.

A winner will be drawn at random at the end of December and will be contacted through email or facebook.

This piece is watercolour-based with some acrylic paint and archival ink incorporated. ‘Snow Queen’ was created on acid free watercolour paper and it’s dimensions are: 11×15”. It would look amazing framed!

So how did I recreate the Snow Queen in my own painting?

snow queen sketch lisa penz

I begin each watercolour painting by carefully sketching out the outline and shapes of the figure. I always start with the “eyes” as they are the anchor for every one of my paintings! After the figure is drawn, I rough-in the background.

snow queen watercolour lisa penz

A few hours later I go over the most significant lines with a fine tip black archival ink pen. I then use eraser to remove remaining pencil marks. After this process is complete, I begin to use watercolour and a fine-tip brush to add colour and soft or hard lines to build up the piece. I repeat this step in several layers until I’m happy with how the painting has taken shape. I then go in and highlight some areas with acrylic paint to emphasize light.

This painting would make the perfect gift for that special kid or teen that has EVERYTHING already — or would make most unique gift for the kid in you!

Good luck and thanks for “Sharing”!

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