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Pet Painting

May 21, 2013

Animals are such a huge source of positive energy and inspiration to me. It’s funny how I don’t paint them! Recently though, I just couldn’t help myself…

I have a new kitten! I rescued “Nuut” 2 months ago from the streets of East Van while on a nighttime walk. He was only 5 months old, abandoned and completely malnourished. I’m happy to say Nuut is in good health and is a very silly and amusing kitten! His favourite games are Hide & Seek, Tag and making long distance calls (true story!).
Nuut is a Blue point Siamese and his name “Nuut” comes from the Egyptian God of night, the stars and the sky. I though this was fitting as I found him at nighttime.

What else… he’s a big-time poser for the camera! I can’t believe how many amazing pics I have of him already. I was recently out at an event when someone asked to see pics of my paintings…  I turned to my iPhone, embarrassed as I had to scan through over 100 pics of Nuut before I came to a few of my paintings. He’s just so photogenic. 

I hope you enjoy some of the pics below during my process of my new painting “Portrait of Balance”….

A picture within a picture.
I love using reference photos when I paint and the iPad is
such a handy tool if I don’t want to print out images.
Hmmm… he thinks my iPad is a toy. I actually have to hide it from him.



Painting is almost done! Can you see the resemblence?
To see the finished product, please visit the portfolio section of my website.


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