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October 1, 2012

September flew by! In the beginning of September, I had a glorious week in California. Although most of the time spent was in Anaheim, I did take a day to visit some parts of L.A. County, checking out contemporary galleries. It was really cool to see similar styles of work to my own. The Pop Surrealism and New Contemporary Art Movement are ever present in L.A. and this was so refreshing for me to experience. I especially loved the work of Brandi Milne at Corey Helford Gallery. I’m have a feeling this exposure to art will reflect in my own work. Exciting!

Dream Suites at Disneyland

Honestly, I don’t know where to start in regards to writing about the days spent in Disneyland. I was there nearly 10 months ago to catch Disney at Christmastime and New Years but going this 2nd time was even more interesting. I felt that we delved deeper into Disney, learning of all of the hidden Mickeys around the Park and the rich, magical back-stories of Walt and his brother Roy. Did you know that there is a Dream Suite built for Walt himself, located above the Pirates of the Carribean? A 2200 sq ft luxury apartment was designed as a place for the Disney’s to entertain friends. Listening to a Disney cast member describe the design of the Suites made me think that these dwelling spots were constructed to inspire Walt. Our surroundings are so important for creative awakening. Among many astonishing features in the Dream Suites, there’s apparently an electro luminescent painting of a waterfall above the bed in the master suite. When you hit the “Goodnight Kiss’ switch, mermaids appear in the painting!

Walking through Radiator Springs in Cars Land

Route 66 was the inspiration for Cars Land

Another completely enlivening experience had was checking out the new Cars Land in California Adventure Park. All I can say is, if you’ve seen the movie Cars, stepping into Cars Land will make you feel as if you are actually in Radiator Springs. Disney has truly outdone themselves and have brought the concept to life – literally. Radiator Springs and some of the cars are full scale! I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved Cars Land. I had some reservation about it because I assumed it was built to appeal only to the little boy demographic and honestly didn’t think it would speak to me at all. I couldn’t have been more wrong! It was incredible, looking upon the neon signage, designed to evoke the automobile culture of the 1950’s. It was… charming!


I am fascinated by how the Disney Parks are going to attract and hold the attention of young adults who in this day in age. Disney will forever attract children, young families but they will also need to strongly consider young adults/teens even to sustain interest in a world of so much choice in terms of entertainment options. I believe that some of the shops in Downtown Disney do just this — and beautifully so! Both Vault 28 and WonderGround Gallery are fantastically edgy. Featuring interpretive and contemporary original art, I would love to show my artwork in these spaces.

My interpretation of Sleeping Beauty. “Aurora” by Lisa Penz

As I’ve mentioned before, Disney plays a huge role in my work because like many, I was exposed to it at such a young age. The tenacious spirits of some of the Disney princesses can be found in almost of all of my pieces. It’s very important to me to explore my Disney themed works and see where the original imagination can take me. One of my dreams is to inspire as I have been compelled. Although I’m excited that the Disney trip will enhance my work, I feel a doubly weighted-burden to produce not only original art but art containing the magic of the Park in a single painting. Disneyland is an incredible sight and sound to behold; the thought of recreating all of that magic and story onto a canvas feels both exciting and daunting. What would help me…? Perhaps the same thing that Walt thought of; a beautiful, inspiring surrounding. The Disney Dream Suites! I would love to do an artist residency there! A girl can dream….

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  1. Carlos says:

    Hi Lisa. Its Carlos Escamilla (Aka @ArtistCarlosE from twitter) here. I just read your blog about your visit to Anaheim, CA and other cities in California. I’m glad you have a wonderful time in Disneyland and other places you appeared in California. It was a fun experience when visiting Disneyland, too. ^_^

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