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My Website Revamp

August 31, 2012

I’m excited to announce my website revamp! I’ve completely redesigned the style of my homepage and the entire site has gone through a massive overhaul with WordPress, thanks to my amazing developer Paul Kevin Koehler of Omega Station!

I loved the design I had created for my previous homepage and even though I had a lot of positive feedback surrounding it — I’d been feeling it was slightly generic and it just wasn’t ‘me’ anymore. I will miss the rotating banner style that was there before but I was ready to give it up for something more daring and a design that would help tell my story.

After all of my years in design and marketing, I’ve learned that in any company, a unique, personal story is the best way to help a brand come to life. This was the main motivation for my site… to help my art come alive through my site for those who have not seen it in person yet and for those who want to revisit and be inspired. After my last solo exhibition, I received many viewer comments about how different my paintings are in “real life” vs through a computer monitor and how my works were far more vibrant and textured than imagined. My hopes are that this new website will be more experiential for the viewer, through detailed images of my art and with the addition of the new Spaces page which highlights my work in various ambient environments. Over the years, many people have asked me “Where would I put one of your paintings?” and “Do you think a portrait painting would look good in my home…?”. The Spaces page will now help address these queries, acting as that visual context.

What else is new? You (yes you!) now have the ability to “Like”, “Pin”, “Tweet” and “Google+” all of your favourite paintings on my site! I want to share my artwork with the world, so “Liking”, “Pinning”, etc. is such a fun feature which also indicates to me your favourite paintings and ultimately helps with developing my future works.

My contact page has also been updated, as there’s now a form you can fill out for your convenience. There is also a note about artwork for film and tv as one of my goals moving forward is to supply art for Vancouver film and television productions.

So… what do you think of the changes? Would LOVE to hear from you!

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