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Treasure in Fort Langley

August 22, 2012

Good surprises still happen!

Each painting I create is special to me and there is a lot of personal attachment that goes along with it. Selling artwork is a good thing but it’s always hard to say “goodbye” when it goes. It’s not always the case but most of the time, after painting a piece and selling it — I know which home it goes to and there is some security in that.

Last weekend I visited a town an hour outside of Vancouver, called “Fort Langley” (for the first time ever!). Fort Langley is a quaint, charming town that reminded me of someplace straight out of a romantic movie. There is no good excuse for why I haven’t visited a place so close to Vancouver but in my defense, I’m a city girl!

In order to get me out of the city my friends had to book a date for High Tea at The Little White House over a month ago. Well worth the trip. It was beyond enchanting! If you get the chance — stop in to check out their merchandise set-up all throughout the house. After we had our High Tea in the old stable room, we roamed around the downtown strip of Fort Langley and randomly went into a lovely, gourmet store called Cranberries Naturally.

To my astonishment, my original Pop art painting “At The Ballet” was hanging high on the wall! It was the strangest feeling of euphoria, looking upon this work of mine which had sold in an auction over a year ago! I had never known the buyer, so seeing this painting from the past was so amazing.

The moral of this short and sweet post is that good surprises still happen in life… You just may have to venture out of your city every once in a while.

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