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Change Your Environment — Change Your Result

July 13, 2012

My ultimate goal for my art is to move people. To evoke a positive, compelling emotion and to stimulate the minds of my audience is vital for me. If I want my art to be a sensory experience then I need to be true to my craft and push myself in new environments where my own senses are engaged.

One of my challenges over this summer is to create an invigorating, new body of work composed entirely outdoors and out of my studio! A daunting task for me as my female portrayal works rely heavily on a controlled environment where I can maintain a high level of precision.

Why do I want to leave the four walls of my studio behind? Well, I’ve never painted outside before. It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to do try! I’ve never allowed myself to do it though; I suppose I dismissed the very notion of it because it sounded like too much fun and not enough “work”. To me, the idea of painting outdoors is so… well… romantic! I encourage everyone to try it — beginner or expert, it’s really rewarding on many levels. The trick is not to judge your artwork too harshly or prematurely (easier said!). I also value painting outdoors because it connects me to nature. The warmth of the sun, the birds chirping… makes me feel like Snow White! It’s a beautiful thing. The Most significant downside though is that my focus comes and goes in short bursts. As I’ve mentioned, I paint in a very controlled and calculated way – so being outdoors in the summer heat can definitely affect my technique and judgment.

Is there an activity/discipline in your life you can alter your environment with?  What do you imagine the results be like? Can you try it for a day? Let me know if you do!

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