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April 16, 2012

My art on Etsy - 'Inside Out' Original Painting on Canvas

Are you on Etsy? Do you sell or buy? Apparently many do as some 1.3 billion page views were recorded this February. True, it’s taken a few years but I’ve finally succumbed. It seemed like a daunting place for a new seller, one that was really saturated with artists, craftspeople and 11 million unique items to compete against.

So, how do you have your own voice on Etsy? I suppose a similar challenge lies with facebook — a powerful brand in and of itself that’s ever morphing and out of your control in terms of layout and navigation. I have to admit I had hesitated with merging my brand with Etsy’s… I was afraid it would make my work appear more artisan then artist. Will the benefits of Etsy outweigh the potential risk of skewing the brand I’ve been working so hard to build up….? Only time will tell.

Okay, enough of the cynicism. The bright side is I took the plunge and I’m really excited to be part of the 800,000+ sellers and it was actually quite fun to set up my store — really! And although my custom-designed banner is quite small (at 60 x 100 pixels), I feel it is an extension of my brand which is in my control in terms of design.

If you happen to be an Etsy shopping pro, you’ll know all about the app. During a business meeting last week, I stepped away to the ladies room and upon returning, I learned my colleague had just purchased a photographic print on Etsy using her iPhone (while I was in the loo!). Talk about convenient shopping! This colleague leads a particularly busy life and she said it was the only 5 minutes she had to herself all day, so she best purchase the print before she forgot!

Read all about the Etsy iPhone app here:

And please visit my new Etsy shop: Lisa Penz Artworks Shop

Thank you! And happy shopping : )

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