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Snow cat

January 18, 2012

I always photograph my new paintings outside. Overcast days are the best since there’s no glare from the sun… so Vancouver is the perfect place to take artwork pics!

Today, I had to photograph one of my paintings in a hurry. It snowed last night, so I had to bundle up! I don’t prefer to go out in the snow with my artwork but since I was rushed to take this photograph, I was desperate. To my surprise though, the snow created a really nice lighting effect.

I wasn’t alone. My cat, who is a very curious and helpful Maine Coon decided to join me. He usually behaves as if he doesn’t like the snow but I snapped some shots of him that may conflict with that notion. I had so much fun taking pics of him that I nearly lost track of why I was outside freezing in the first place! : )

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