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Returning to the Magic

January 11, 2012

Evil Queen by Noah. Disney Fine Art.

Art by Jenny Chung. Property of Disney.

I’ve just returned from an amazing New Years trip to Disneyland! It’s hard to believe I haven’t been there since I was 10 yrs old! A lot has changed since then but the enchanted feeling of being inside the Park remains. No one does it quite like Disney. I had forgotten how magical it is. Shame on me!

One of the highlights was discovering some breathtaking ‘Disney Underground’ art. I was so thrilled to be amongst artwork that felt in a similar vein as my own. Coming from Vancouver — a city of landscapes and conservative art, it felt so incredible to be surrounded by contemporary illustrative styles and vibrant themes.

I was blown away by the work of artist Noah and his new ‘Villain’ collection. The way that he captured the Evil Queen from Snow White was absolutely stunning and ethereal. I couldn’t stop staring at this dark and compelling portrait. I’ve attached an image above. It amazed me how Noah managed to make something so beautiful out of something pure evil.

I was also really drawn to the work of Jenny Chung. She captures the illustrative style of the Disney princesses eloquently and so graphically. I really enjoyed the simplicity and flow of how she composes her work. It turns out Jenny was raised in Vancouver too which makes her even more cool! Read more about Jenny on her blog.

I wanted to bring back a special piece and it took me several days to come to a decision. In the end, I went back to my original inspiration and choose a Little Mermaid limited edition giclee by world-renowned Disney visionary Larry Nikolai. This piece I own now is called “Longing To Dance”. In 2011, The artist and Disney Imagineer Larry Nikolai had also Art Directed the concept work for the brand new Little Mermaid ride ‘Ariel’s Undersea Adventures’. This process took 3 years! And no doubt it did — it’s spectacular.

It’s astounding to me how these Disney Princess images never seen to get old. Nostalgia is so powerful. I feel privileged to have experienced a wide range of interpretations of the characters among various artists. The film Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937 and Snow White’s presence in Disneyland is as popular as ever! I have to admit… I’m really tempted to create my own portrayals of my favourite characters.

What are your favourite characters from childhood that still resonate with you now?

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