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November 7, 2011

Ethical Bean doughnuts at Pop Gallery’s ‘Indulgence’ show.
Photo credit: Charles Zuckermann

It’s no surprise that I’m really into confectionery and all things sweet. In fact, I’m so passionate about dessert, I created my ‘Indulgence’ collection around my love for sweets. Since confectionery is a part of my every day life and apparently now my art, I’ve had several fans ask me to blog and “review” about my fav sweet things!

If you were at my Pop Gallery opening, you would have tried my latest craze… Ethical Bean’s fair trade doughnuts! If doughnuts aren’t your thing, no worries, these are not your typical glazed. Ethical Bean’s dougnuts are made with pure, organic ingredients, so you can enjoy without the guilt! Unique ingredients are an amazing feature of these dougnuts. Some of the flavours I’ve tried are: cinnamon, lavender, raspberry white chocolate, ginger and maple. My favourite is definitely lavender! I’ve recently tried ‘pumpkin spice’ – their latest edition for Fall. I’m eagerly awaiting their Christmas flavor…

You can try these doughnuts at Ethical Bean: 1315 Kootenay Street — or at Little Mountain Coffee Company in SoMa

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