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The Opening of ‘Dreaming Hazel Dooney’

September 16, 2011

Hazel Dooney poses with my painting at LaTrobe Gallery.

On Saturday September 10th the highly anticipated ‘Dreaming Hazel Dooney’ exhibition opened in Morwell, Australia at the LaTrobe Contemporary Gallery. My artwork was featured among other artists from around the globe!

This exhibition examines the career of self-made, controversial artist Hazel Dooney; who renounced the gallery system and has used online methods to reach incredible success and a rock-solid brand identity. The image above shows Hazel Dooney posing beside my painting DREAMING DOONEY HAZEL.

My work DREAMING DOONEY HAZEL visually explores various personas of Hazel Dooney through intricate details and soft layered textures to represent the “dark and light” of the artist herself. The persona that Hazel represents online is so multi-layered… my interpretation attempts to capture that depth. At the core of it all, this piece was created to express the heart of the artist from an outsider’s perspective. It is my empathetic interpretation. There are some other hidden meanings in the work. I encourage the audience to look further

The ‘upside down’ heart on her cheek and hearts raining down for instance, explore another dimension of Hazel — the dimension that we don’t know about. The one she keeps for herself which would be unfathomable for me to pinpoint as she is known for exhibiting her entire self online. The funny thing though about my ‘upside down’ hearts, is that during the media day for this exhibition, local t.v. cameras in the gallery deemed some of the artwork far too racy for the public, so it was filmed ‘upside down’ for the news. My hearts must have then appeared right side up!

This unique exhibition runs for two weeks September 10th – September 24th

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