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September 13, 2011

Rolls-Royce, Spirit of Ecstasy by Rankin

Absolute Vodka - Pop Art by Chiho Aoshima

LV - Monogram case, art by Takashi Murakami

One momentous goal of my career would be to create custom paintings for a luxury brand. Perhaps it is the voice of my advertising background awakening me, but the thought of being a part of a collaboration of this nature excites me to no end.

Art rarely merges with high-end brands, I’ve noticed but when it does it’s exciting and explosive. It’s invigorating to me when art is used to elevate even the most elegant and sought after products. There is an immediate surge forward towards the brand experience that seems indescribable when taking the plunge toward aligning the brand with art. You would expect more companies would do this considering the risk comes with much admiration from others, peaked curiosity which lead to word-of-mouth, sales.

Check out the fun examples I’ve included. Most recently – Rolls-Royce. The Spirit of Ecstasy, the enigmatic symbol of Rolls-Royce, celebrates her centenary in 2011. To commemorate the occasion, Rolls-Royce has commissioned world-renowned British photographer Rankin to create a series of one hundred contemporary images, each one inspired by the Spirit of Ecstasy!

Luxury brands can largely benefit from artist partnerships. The right combination of art is like elixir to a brand strategy. And I would love to see more examples of this! If you have one you’ve seen out there, please post!

Who are the top luxury brands I would love to collaborate with? In an ideal world some may include: Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Moet & Chandon…

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