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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contemporary portrayal artist Lisa Penz opens Pop-up Gallery in Vancouver

August 30, 2011

Butterscotch Ripple Effect by Lisa Penz

by Megan Majewski

Lisa Penz, contemporary portrayal artist today announced that she will open her own pop-up gallery for the month of October, in Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver. “POP Gallery” will be located at “The Rize” 196 Kingsway at 10th Avenue, Vancouver (Cantu building). Here, Lisa will unveil her brave new series ‘Indulgence’, a provocative extension of her unique female portrayals.  Lisa will use this “pop-up” forum to both expose the works of talented female artists and promote Vancouver as a player in the contemporary art world arena.

POP Gallery is also thrilled to be showcasing the works of Megan Majewski, local painter known for her dark and quirky painting style. “Megz” originally from Cranbrook, began her creative career as an animator but gave it up for her true passion — painting enigmatical creatures in unusual predicaments.

October will kick off with elaborate opening reception, helping to shift Vancouver’s reputation of being a “no-fun” city to one that is more aligned with its cosmopolitan vision. “There is so much young artistic talent in this city without a lot of the opportunities available to demonstrate it. I want the experience for everyone that visits to the gallery to be fun, engaging, and visceral.”

Ms. Penz is recognized for capturing beauty in mysterious circumstances. On the surface, her portraits hint at fairytales, while thematically, they go much deeper. For POP Gallery, Penz continues to evolve her alluring style, combining her narratives with elements of indulgence in the form of confectionery to entice the viewer into realizing their own temptations and choices –leading the viewer down a dark path or to a pathway of enlightenment. According to Penz, “The viewer [of my paintings] always has a choice: they decide the outcome of the subject in the painting. I want them to choose their own adventure, that’s the really exciting part of the process for me. A painting becomes a unique story for each individual that they can own, and I want them to own that.”

Penz’s ‘Indulgence’ collection and brand new candy-themed works by Megan Majewski will be available for viewing at POP Gallery October 4th – 30th. Opening night reception October 6th. To receive a link to the advanced online preview for the show and for all other details, email

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  1. Deb Chaney says:

    awesome lisa! this is soooo exciting!!!

  2. Lisa Penz says:

    Thank you! So thrilled!

  3. Tina says:

    Intrigued and inspired! Can’t wait to experience your work.

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