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Thank you, Bob Rennie, for your 100%

August 16, 2011

Pink Balloons by Martin Creed

Entrance to the balloon room

I had the most unlikely summertime Saturday afternoon. While I assume most of you were at the beach, I was at the Wing Sang building this weekend. Don’t worry — I still enjoyed the sunshine from the Rennie Art Gallery Roof Garden, one of the many galleries within Bob Rennie’s private art collection. Located in Chinatown’s oldest building, lies the former residence of Yip Sang, the most beautiful restored space, now filled with art.

I had the pleasure of touring through the gallery this weekend to explore the works of minimalist artist Martin Creed. His works — as explained by our docent “Zeb” are meant to be 50% Creed’s creation and 50% the viewer’s interpretation. It sounds simple and believe me, you have no idea how simple. He strips the focus down to the bare minimum and is fascinated with the notion of “what is art?”. The concept of leaving the “story” up to the minds of the viewer really resonated with me because through my work I also encourage the viewer to experience and decide the outcome of the piece.

I admire the way Creed breaks something down to it’s very basic principles. I don’t want to spoil all of Creed’s exhibits within the Wing Sang but I will say it was a very engaging and active exhibition. It is whatever you want it to be and I love that. It’s as big or as small as you make it – only limited by your mood or state-of-mind. That is the beauty of it…

The feature exhibit is the balloon room. 3000 16” “Pink Balloons” fill the space (again, 50% of the space to be exact) of the entire room. You are immersed in a world of pink. It’s so simple yet so adventurous an experience. You must try it. Some compare it to and adult ball room but it’s so much better than that.

The Martin Creed exhibition is on until October 8th 2011

Book weeks in advance to secure a spot in the tour:

Thank you Bob Rennie for opening your gallery to Vancouverites. You have enriched our city. At the very least, I can honestly say, you’ve inspired me.

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