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The Talented Mr. Redpath

July 14, 2011

End Of The Line by Anthony Redpath

Hope by Anthony Redpath

Red Stacks by Anthony Redpath

When I met Anthony Redpath one year ago, I learned that he was an advertising photographer. He showed me his portfolio, which contained impressive campaigns ranging from Travelocity to Volkswagen, BCLC and many more you would recognize. The next time I caught up with Anthony he told me he would be exhibiting his photography at Bau-Xi Photo gallery in Tornoto. He’s since had an exhibition this past June at iconic gallery Bau-Xi, in Vancouver exhibiting works from his End Of The Line series. I’ve just recently caught up with Anthony again and he is focusing on directorial work for  t.v. spots. Check out this hilarious “Sexy” commercial for Cake Imagery.

Is there anything Anthony, you can’t do?

Innately drawn to architecture, Anthony captures various buildings and structures through the lens with his ultra-detailed and pristinely sharp style. His photographic style strikes me as very intriguing as I’m left with a sense of eerie tranquility. It’s like magic really —  Anthony is able to capture a halcyonic realm and makes everything…. quiet. It’s difficult to put into words and this is what makes it so exciting. How would you describe his photography?

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Anthony’s work and the direction it takes. Will keep you all posted on his next exhibition!

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