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The end of the Disney Princesses

June 21, 2011

Property of Disney.

Since musical Beauty And The Beast wrapped up this weekend, I was motivated to write this post as I witnessed so much inspiration, positive energy and overall love throughout this company composed of individuals from ages 6 – 60. All of us from Broadway Edge came together for one common goal: to tell a beautiful Fairy Tale story… oh and to “KILL THE BEAST!”

By now you’ve probably already heard that Disney Animation is no longer producing Fairy Tale features. My first thought regarding this extremely disappointing news was “are they crazy!”. The reason… they say, is that the Fairy Tale stories no longer appeal to a large enough anymore. How weak.

Many people I know were touched by these stories at a tender age and the outcome they had on children was always very positive. Since the “Disney Princesses” were what inspired me to first draw, sing and dance I find this to be very disturbing news and worry for younger generations. How will this effect children growing up? Is it worth shelving these Fairy Tale stories and making more money off of less inspiring tales? What is the cost… the overall effect on children today? Especially little girls. Apparently by the time girls are 5, they’re not interesting in being princesses anymore. They’re interests lie in being hot, in being cool. Clearly this influence comes from in what society values.

Fairy tales encourage inspiration, dreams and instill a sense of wonder, contemplation, growth. I just hate to see a world without them.

What was your favourite Fairy Tale growing up?

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