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Super Stripes

May 17, 2011

Keeper's Paradise by Alan Fulle

I was fortunate enough to experience an amazing exhibition currently on at the Elliott Louis Gallery. Stripes and Dots is a solo show featuring maximalist and abstract expressionist Alan Fulle. I’m really enthused to write this post as I had the chance to chat with Alan and learn more about his process and unparalleled commitment in creating truly unique works he calls “objects”.

Working with various paint mediums and epoxy resin, Alan creates what he refers to as the foundation and the natural base of of all things. Somewhere inbetween a painting and a sculpture these objects tell infinite stories, only limited to the onlooker’s imagination — I believe.

Alan creates a seamless relationship between his abstract expressionist under layers and his structured Super Stripes. The discourse between the two create fathomless dimension and depth. My experience of looking at his works was like looking into a clear pond of beautiful ribbons of colour — depictive of time passing and joyous memories.

Alan generates artwork intensely in his Seattle home — which has been transformed into his studio. To gain a better understanding and insight into Alan’s work, watch this awesome video with Alan and Ted Lederer of Elliott Louis Gallery: youtube/watch/alanfulle/stripes&dots

Stripes & Dots runs until June 4, 2011 at the Elliott Louis Gallery, located at:
#1 – 258 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, B.C

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