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Galactic Easter eggs

April 25, 2011

I was determined to dye some eggs for Easter this year. It was my favourite thing to do as a child every Easter… dropping eggs into pools of coloured dye and watching the magic happen. If I got really risky – I would drop an egg into the purple dye after turning it pink first. I both loved and despised the unpredictability of how they would turn out.

Although I absolutely adore ornately decorated eggs – there is something so special about the unrefined. After stopping by a grocery store (at the last minute) to find they were sold out of colouring kits, I decided to get creative and make my own dye. With a limited palette of red and blue food colouring, I was able to create these lovely hues shown above. The key to this dye recipe was too much vinegar! The vinegar was very acidic and separated the dye in random areas to create the nebula-like pattern. Each egg appeared like it’s own galaxy. Beautiful!

Dye recipe:
•  ¼ cup vinegar
•  ½ cup water
•  4 – 7 drops of food colouring (I only used blue and red and then mixed the two to make a purple dye)

I would love to hear about your Easter egg recipes! Feel free to share….

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