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Old Hawaii, new

April 19, 2011

Kona sunset

Fallen Plumeria

I took a break last week and went on holiday to The Big Island of Hawaii. I have so many start-up projects going on at the moment that I felt so strongly that I needed a break and a time to exist in natural surroundings without the influence of anything but nature. The Big Island had intrigued me because I’ve heard of it’s vast canvas of environment and beauty. I snorkeled with colourful fish daily and would finish the long day of adventure on a patio (with Lava Flow cocktail in hand) while Manta Rays would glide up to the resort, attracted to the underwater-lit plankton. Totally magical — it was.

In the sprit of “Old Hawaii” colours and clichéd sunset scenes I was inspired to paint small abstracts  on canvas – embedding the Plumeria (Frangipani) tropical flower which I gathered from trees around the island. I wanted to channel the “Old Hawaii” into my new Hawaii through an explosion of clichéd colours and volcanic rock surrounding the Island — which expressed my time in Hawaii and is representative of a new state of awareness and appreciation for my surroundings that go deeper than day-to-day materialism.

Each of these paintings (below) have an authentic Hawaiian Plumeria flower within it. Yes, it’s true… I did sneak these fresh flowers back into Canada with me in order to create these special pieces! They had already fallen off the trees when I gathered them so I don’t feel guilty about it. Not at all.

Can you spot the flower in each painting?

These small 7.5 x 9” works will be available for purchase at the Artists In Our Midst studio walk April 30 – May 1st. Hope to see you there. Less than 2 weeks away now!

Volcanic Rock Sunset - on Canvas

Lava Rock - on Canvas

Big Island Love - on Canvas

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  1. Bee says:

    LOVE the first one. What a great trip. We are going to Oahu in May. Should be fun, but no paiting for me! I am loving your new work!

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