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March 10, 2011

The scene

What’s my idea of a great Saturday afternoon…? How about hanging out with other creatives and making cool stuff happen. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with local Vancouver photographer Fred Fraser and hair/make-up artist Liz Dungate at their beautiful loft studio in East Van. This was great fun for me because I’m usually painting portraits of other women — so it was a nice change to get photographed!

Fred is inspired to photograph unique individuals — examining the essence of his subject in a dynamic setting. His photographs are very conceptual and even editorial because they tell a story more than your average photo. So storytelling definitely plays a critical role in his approach. Although some of the photos seen here were taken from a Canon 5D MKII, Fred also worked with a Kundlach Corona which dates from around 1910. The lens was a Darlot Jamin and was made in 1860!

I found it interesting to learn that Fred approaches his work a lot like myself… he is a purist. Only his medium is the camera. I feel this is one of the factors that differentiate him among other local photographers. He embraces the entire process of creating a great photograph. It’s not just about the end result.

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