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February 16, 2011

"Inside Out" Mixed Media on canvas. 20x20"

It was no accident that I started painting. As I child, I was fascinated by animated characters – in particular Disney and Barbie. My illustrative beginnings were all about drawing these alluring characters, recreating their beauty. Their strong feminine presence spoke to me. And it still does.

Over the years I’ve gone away and come back to my art. I am now at a place where the desire to create captivating imagery has overtaken me and I need to let it out. To that end, I’ve been told I’m bold and courageous, but I think I come across as quite demure most of the same time. Maybe I am the ‘dark horse’ type of person, the type that surprises you – the person who is the quiet one in the in the room at the beginning of a party, but by the end is dancing on the table.

For me this is a journey. As I go about my day-to-day life, I recognize so many amazing things and meet wonderful artists. Coming from a design and marketing background – I also enjoy the exploration of branding in art. It’s actually a love/hate relationship.

Alas, “Penzivity” is all about my enquiring mind – my venture in the art world. My observations and insights. My personal growth. And a place to engage with other artists and art lovers alike. The beauty of discovering – that is what Penzivity means to me.

So let’s connect, share, and inspire.

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  1. Deb Chaney says:

    LOVe your blog Lisa. Fantastic work. Penzivity .how cool is the name. really enjoyed looking at all your posts thus far. Debs

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